Hayley Williams Urges Her Home State Of Mississippi To Change Flag

Hayley Williams, a native of Mississippi, called on the state's lawmakers to change its flag — which features three stripes with the Confederate flag in the corner.

Taking to Twitter on Thursday (June 25), the “Cinnamon” singer urged Mississippi to do the right thing and get rid of the current stage flag and propose a new one. Her request comes amid the nation's debate on confederate statues, school names, and other offensive items.

“Legislators in my birthstate have a chance to take action with a big first step…,” she tweeted. “I am appealing to the Mississippi legislature to vote tomorrow (Friday, June 26) on a new flag, one that represents ALL of the citizens of MS.”

Along with her plea to lawmakers, the Paramore singer tweeted anecdotes about growing up in Mississippi and the racial injustices she noticed early on. 

“I was born in meridian, ms. lived there thru 2001. transparently, i have some awful memories from life there but a lot of the good ones i keep involve my black schoolmates & neighborhood friends. those kids introduced me to black artists who shape my artistry to this day…” she wrote. “I remember noticing racial inequities from a very young age but i certainly did not realize then that there was anything that could be done about it. i imagine, even a grown-up would feel intimidated/overwhelmed to do something about it in MS.” 

Mississippi is the last state in the nation to fly a flag with a confederate emblem. According to NBC News, the state appears to have enough votes to change the flag. 

Williams isn't the only famous Mississippi native to call for a new flag, country singer Faith Hill has also tweeted about the change. 

Photo: Getty Images

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